Northwind database scripts for Oracle

"Northwind" is a demonstration database provided by Microsoft.  It is generally available with Access or SQL Server 2000.  I generated Oracle script for the same Northwind database (along with INSERT statements), to make it available as a demonstration database for Oracle as well. 
You can find the scripts here:
  • Binary data is not scripted.
  • Added a new field TerritoryID to "Orders" for better analytic queries.
  • I Generated the scripts with my own simple utility (developed in .NET).  The utility connects to SQL Server database and generates Oracle scripts.  You can get it for free (along with source code) by leaving your email in the comments.  Please be informed that I am giving some final touch-ups to the utility and it would take sometime to send you the utility. THE UTILITY IS NOT TUNED TO BE USED AT PRODUCTION LEVEL AND IT NEEDS TO BE THOROUGHLY TESTED.  IT CAN BE USED ONLY FOR LEARNING PURPOSES.  USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK AND I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE.

Feedback is well appreciated and I will keep on updating the utility based on your feedback..



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About the Author: Jagadish Chatarji Pulakhandam currently works as a .NET Architect and is responsible for analyzing/designing enterprise-level .NET applications.He has been in the IT field for about 14 years. Apart from Oracle and .NET, he has a good knowledge of developing corporate software and web applications, designing and implementing databases, and working with enterprise reporting software. During his free time, he contributes technical articles to OTN (Oracle Technology Network) and to the family of Developer Shed websites.

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